Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Jacob slept 16 (!) hours straight after the surgery. This must have been the best recovery for him. When he woke up this morning, he was all smiley and didn't seem to be in much pain. The site of the incision also looks good, and no fever so far. I am so happy we stayed overnight in the hospital this time. We would have been worried, if he didn't wake up for 16 hours, but now he was monitored all the time, and did just fine. We also had a wonderful nurse.
Today Jacob mainly wants to be still, no interest in rolling or grabbing on to things, but he is talking up a storm and very happy to be around Sarah again.
Shannon, Jacob's nurse, was also back today. Jacob was very happy to see her again, and so was she. She thinks Jacob will regain his skills, but that it might not be until spring/summer. I was thinking about how much work Jacob has ahead of him again, but I was thinking that if anyone can do it, it's him.
Today, it's exactly a month since I took Jacob into the ER and he went into respiratory distress and shock, and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I am still on alert. I can feel it in my whole body, very ready to react and get into ER mode again. I guess I will stay this way until I know Jacob is safe and can stay home for a while. The worry right now is that he will reject the medical port. 1% of patients do that, so the risk is small, but with our luck lately you never know...
The house is now quiet. Joakim is playing floor ball again, and the kids are both sleeping. It was nice to pick up Sarah after school today and do homework with her. I haven't done that for a month.
I am hoping that I won't update this site every day any longer or at least not for a while, but I will definitely give regular updates on how Jacob is progressing and all his upcoming appointments to find out more about his chorea (shaking hands), vertigos, and developmental issues we're now facing. This has sort of become a friend to us all, and a way to stay in touch during a really rough time.
Besos, Maria.

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