Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jacob had other plans

Jacob probably overheard the plan about sleeping at home, and made a break for the exit.

At 1:30 AM our night nurse woke us up since Jacob wasn't doing well and had a high fever and his vertigo spells were back again. After a couple of eventful hours I took him to the ER and they decided that he had caught a virus in the hospital. Today's surgery was in limbo for a couple of hours, but in the end they decided to go ahead with the surgery despite the fever. So Jacob was released 8 AM from the ER, and we went home for an hour. Our plan was then to be discharged from the hospital 3 times within 24 hours!

Despite the actual surgery going well, they decided to admit Jacob to the hospital again. They want to monitor him overnight for seizures, vertigos and fever. Depending on how the night goes, we MIGHT be released tomorrow. Again, I have to stop planning, and just go with the flow as the last weeks have proven to us.

It was a long day for Jacob starting shortly after midnight, so Jacob has not yet woken up from his surgery. We're hoping for a peaceful night, and fast recovery.

Send him positive thoughts! - Maria

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