Monday, January 12, 2009


So, we're going home...The spells are called Benign Position Vertigos (BPV), and hopefully should go away with time. He is medicated for it right now, and will see a movement specialist (neurologist) on Friday to see how we should best treat them moving forward.

We'll be back at the hospital tomorrow at 10 am for the medical port surgery. The surgery is scheduled for 1 hour, and if everything goes well, we should go home some time in the afternoon. If he doesn't do well with the anaesthesia, we'll stay overnight.

We have good and bad news on the GI front. The good news is that the reflux hasn't gotten worse, but it's definitely there. He also has delayed emptying of his stomach. This means that he has a hard time passing stool. They can fix both with surgery, but it's going to be involved, which is the bad news. It will be open surgery, and it will be at least a 3 hours surgery. Due to this being pretty involved and him already having failed this surgery twice, we need some time to think about it. We'll definitely consult with his surgeon again, but probably when Jacob is back to his base line again.

Cross your fingers for our little guy tomorrow, and yes we'll all sleep in our own beds tonight!

Good night, Maria.

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