Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We're home! It is always like you loose your energy when you're finally home. I guess it's because you start relaxing. It was also a long day, since our house was full of nurses from 1 pm thru 8 pm. Jacob's regular nurse worked a few hours, so we got to do our regular work. Then we had the case manager, who was sitting in our kitchen for 4 (!) hours doing paperwork. No further comments! Then we had the nurse coming in to show us the antibiotics. In a way, I am glad we don't have a nurse coming in at 10 pm tonight. We just need some piece and quiet in the house now.
We have gotten the first round of antibiotics through Jacob's line. We know the 4 steps of saline solution, antibiotics, saline solution, and lastly heparin. Everything needs to be sterile, so this is a bit different than dealing with the g-tube.
We have tried to create a schedule over the coming days that will fit work and us giving the antibiotics. It's definitely a bit tricky.
Next one is at 1:30 am this morning, so next step is for me to get the supplies ready. We then get up again at 2:30 am to flush the line as the antibiotics are finally in.
I never thought it could be so much work around antibiotics. Somehow the nurse is just getting it all done, and I didn't think twice about it. I do have another appreciation for that now. I know we have some nurse friends reading this blog, so now you know!
Oh well, time to go to bed. It will be an early one tonight!
Mrs. K & Mrs. Julie - we'll keep Jacob home from school tomorrow, but he should be back on Tuesday! The needle goes out on Monday, so it will be easier for him to play freely then.
Good night, Maria.

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