Sunday, February 1, 2009


Jacob woke up with a fever of 104 this morning, cough and a rash on his face, hands and legs. We knew something was not right, and I brought him to the ER. His white blood count cell was very high, so it was clear something bacterial was going on. At the same time, the area around his medical port and especially around the incision had turned very red and swollen. The surgeon thought that the medical port was infected, and possibly needed to have it removed this evening. He was started on super strong antibiotics, and they do seem to help. He has less of a rash despite the area around the medical port still looking red.

Tomorrow the surgeon will decide if the infection is more in the incision area and can be treated with antibiotics or if Jacob will go into surgery and have the port removed.

I am in hospital mode, so on alert again, but I sincerely hope that Jacob is not going into surgery tomorrow again. We really need a break, all of us.

Send positive thoughts Jacob's way!

- Maria.

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