Friday, February 27, 2009



I am writing from a snowy Norway, and it is close to midnight Friday night. The minute I walked into my father´s house, the phone rang. I had Sarah´s nanny on the phone telling me that I had to call Joakim. Jacob was in the ER again. Sarah told me that he was brought in with an ambulance this morning.

I called him, and found out that Jacob had a seizure this morning that at least lasted for 1,5 hours. It´s a new kind of seizure due to the length and also rhythmic movements throughout the body. Jacquelynn came and picked up Sarah, and Jacob was rushed to the ER via ambulance. He had a lot of trouble breathing.

He has been tested for lots of things today, but no illness is detected. It might be that his strep and being on antibiotics are giving him a lower threshold for seizures. Noone knows.

Joakim and Jacob will stay the night in the hospital. Sarah will stay the night at Jacquelynn´s house. I so feel that I should be there with them all. This is not a one-person job, even if Joakim is the best at it without doubt. I will look into getting a flight out of here earlier after talking to Joakim tomorrow morning to see how Jacob and everyone is doing.

Keep your fingers crossed that the seizures get under control soon, and that Jacob can come home over the week-end. If you have a moment, please check in with Joakim, since I can´t be there for him.

And yes, both Joakim and Shannon, Jacob´s nurse, also got strep this week...

I´ll keep you posted. Send positive thoughts that the long seizure didn´t give Jacob any permanent damage. It doesn´t look like it at first sight, but probably too early to say.

Take care, Maria.

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