Monday, February 2, 2009


Today was all about waiting and see how Jacob responded to the antibiotics. The site of the medical port looks much better, but we won't know for sure until tomorrow if the actual line is infected and it has to come out or if the antibiotics did the trick. We can just hope for the best at this time. The good sign is that it at least doesn't look worse, and Jacob is not in too much pain.
Ironically enough, we're in the exact same room as last time. I started to realize all the little details of this room, and what was not working last time. It is a little bit too familiar.
Sarah spent the afternoon doing crafts, and had a pretty good time. Jacob got a big gym mattress on the floor, so he could play a bit more freely today.
If the port goes out tomorrow, I must say that I will be very disappointed. We both knew that it was a risk of infection and the port needed to come out, but it was all pretty minimized as a risk. A doctor today even started talking about putting a new port on the other side of Jacob's chest. I was not ready for that discussion just yet.
We'll keep you posted on what's coming next - hopefully going home on antibiotics!
- Maria.

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