Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Some of you have told me that you don't want to see the caringbridge notification e-mail pop up in your inbox, since it most likely means that Jacob is in the hospital again...I therefore thought that I should share some positive things that have happened lately.

Jacob's Make-A-Wish is approved! His wish was to go to Sweden (and Norway) to see his family. We're meeting with the foundation on Friday to see what we need to do to make this happen. At the same time, I am a bit concerned about this wish right now. Independently of the foundation sponsoring this great wish, we need to feel that Jacob can endure such a long flight without seizures. Lately, he has needed ER and ICU support to get through the seizures, and it's just not worth putting Jacob in a situation without that support right now. Again - a lot can happen, so we're definitely excited about this. In addition, the mom's club "Broomfield mommies" is organizing a silent auction for Make-A-Wish and all proceeds will go specifically to Jacob's wish. This is of course quite an honor for Jacob and us! Sara - thank you so much for coordinating this!

A husband of a dear colleague and friend of mine had Jacob in mind as he found out about Prestige Miracles. He connected us with Jim Sigler from that foundation, and on Friday Jacob had the honor to receive a generous grant. The money will put towards warm water and hippo (horse) therapy, which insurance companies typically don't pay. We have found that both therapies have helped Jacob a lot to progress with his muscle strength, overall coordination and gross motor skills.

Prestige Miracles has a 5K run and family walk at Invesco field on May 2nd. Jacob (and I guess the rest of us) will be up on the screens! Come on out, cheer for Jacob and make this a fitness goal for the spring or simply a fun day for your family. Jacob will be part of the 5K walk in his stroller! You can find out more and register on: www.prestigemiraclesfoundation.org

Lastly, Jacob started up his hippo therapy yesterday again. His physical therapist Jill, who knows Jacob very well, is directing and guiding him through the session. 2 volunteers are helping him to stay seated on the horse. In the fall, we saw great results in terms of Jacob's muscle strength, especially in his neck and trunk. This is also not work for Jacob, just pure pleasure. He loves his horse Durango!

Next week, we're heading up to Breckenridge to enjoy skiing and some downtime in the mountains. Unfortunately, Jacob is not allowed to be on such distance from Children's hospital at this point. Joakim and I will share the week, so Sarah gets to enjoy her spring break! One of us will stay with Sarah, and the other one will stay down with Jacob in Denver. Maybe not a true family vacation, but hopefully I can bring Jacob up for a day or two during the week!

Love, Maria.

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