Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We're home again. They did find a urinary tract infection, so Jacob will continue on antibiotics for another 8 days. I really wonder how many days he has NOT been on antibiotics this winter/spring. They are not many. We're relieved that it was not a line infection this time. If we can spare Jacob a surgery, that would be very good at this time.
Sarah has her last day of school tomorrow, and then weeks and weeks of summer break! She is so ready. It feels like such a luxury that I will have so much more time with the kids this summer than ever before.
I do feel like I ended up with the best of both worlds. I will spend most of my time with my kids in a few weeks time, but one day per week I will work for ForeignExchange as their HR/training manager. I will take care of their HR needs as well as work with the management team on training, coaching and leadership. It is sort of a way for me to use my 12 years of management experience in a new role, which will be new to me and hopefully a benefit to the company.
With school out and the summer around the corner, hope has not left us that this is now the time for Jacob to get a break, and stay healthy for longer than 1-2 weeks at a time. Send us positive thoughts for Jacob's health this summer!
Have a great summer! - Maria.

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