Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Wow - I don't even know where to start. It has been a magic visit so far. A limousine ride is after all a limo ride even when it happens at 4 am. It was just that extra touch to kick off this trip.
We arrived yesterday afternoon, and moved into our own villa. It felt immediately like home. We had a big welcome package on the kitchen table with gifts for the whole family. The fridge was stocked up with drinks and goodies.
We unpacked, and started to explore Give kids the World village where we stay. Breakfast and dinner are served in the gingerbread house where they have used 27,000 peppermints to decorate the tables! Dessert is served in the ice cream parlor and you can get any type of ice cream you would like! Sarah thinks this is THE PLACE to eat.
They have a carousel from Holland with beautiful animals. Jacob's kid cart fits right into the turle or snail. He doesn't even have to get out of his own seat!
We also explored the archade with tons of games, and the movie theatre where they serve sodas, pop corn and candy!
...And then there is the spa...Sarah got her nails done as well as her make up. Jacob and Sarah both got tattoes on their ankles! Mommy didn't get anything...this is the My Little Pony Spa!
Today we have spent the day at Magic Kingdom. Sarah has had her autograph book ready, and got to meet with Cinderella, Belle, Aurora, Tinker bell, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Jacob got a big kiss from Aurora, and went around with a big pink lipstick mark on his cheek! We did tons of rides due to never having to stand in line. With Jacob's Make-A-Wish button, we always just go straight on any rides. Sarah has a new appreciation for her brother.
We have had rain, rain, rain...That's the only bad thing. It still has not stopped us from enjoying every bit of it. I was thinking why this place is magic, and it's in the details. Everything here at Give kids the World as well as Magic Kindgom is so well thought through to the smallest little detail. Today, we for example got to borrow a camcorder, so we can also film the magic movements will have together. When we got home today, we had a package with Disney movies on the sofa table. Sarah told us that Jacob is spoiled rotten here, and that's what happens when you otherwise have to spend a lot of time in the hospital. Our girl sure understands more than I sometimes think.
Tonight, the kids will be tucked in by Mr. Clayton, the mayor of Give kids the World, in our own villa. I am hearing the kids won't sleep after that performance...
Tomorrow we're off to Universal Studios, and at night there is Winter Wonderland here at the village. We'll have Santa visiting and we'll experience "real" snow. The kids will also make their magic pillows, and Jacob will send his personal star up to the ceiling of the magic castle, which will be a little piece of him staying at the Village.
There are so many more things to tell, but I think this is it for tonight. Joakim still wants his banana split before we'll go and watch the Village Idol!
Cheers! - Maria.

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