Sunday, May 3, 2009


We had a really great day in honor of Jacob yesterday. A day that I am so happy we were able to do for our son despite him being in the hospital.
We were 10 people showing up at the Miles for Miracles race despite the chilly and rainy weather. It was cool to see ourselves up on the big screen at Invesco field, and lots of fun activities for the kids. Sarah had a beautiful butterfly painted on her face. The race gathered a total of 200-300 people, and all for the great cause of giving kids with a medical condition some support and help with therapies or anything else going on in their lives. We got to meet Kaci and her mom Linda. Kaci is a 17-year old girl who is in constant chronic nerve pain. Despite this she finished the 5K run! Something she never could have done a year ago. It was great to connect with both her mom and Kaci. We were happy we could participate despite Jacob being in the hospital. My goal is that Jacob is doing the walk in his stroller next year.
In the evening, it was time for the Make-A-Wish dinner at Broadland's golf club. They completely sold out the event, and it was great to see our friends, my colleagues, neighbors, moms from Jacob's mom's group, moms from Jacob's class at Bal-Swan - and of course all the moms from Broomfield's MOMS club. Amanda, the organizer, did a great job as well as all the others organizing this event. I got through my speech without crying, which was my goal. It was then time to play the video that I had spent quite a bit of time putting together. The video case was empty! I had forgotten the actual CD in my laptop, which was at the hospital. Our neighbor John became the hero of the night by leaving in the middle of the dinner to race to Children's hospital to pick it up and race back in time for us to show the video before the event was over. It is easy to talk about Jacob, but I do think sometimes pictures say more than words, and I am happy I got to share that with everybody. Many moms and friends came up to us during the event, and talked about how amazed they are with our strength and ability to still live fairly normal lives despite Jacob's situation. I know that many things in our lives are not normal, but they have sort of become our normal life and routine, since they are part of our day-to-day lives. I felt I gained a lot of strength from everybody's support.
The verdict is that Jacob has a line infection in his medical port. This means that he will be treated with IV antibiotics for 7-10 days. They will start to find us a nursing company and a supplier of the antibiotics tomorrow, so we can take Jacob home and continue the full course of antibiotics. If we're lucky, we're out of here tomorrow night or some time on Tuesday. The doctor told me today that if Jacob continues to get line infections, the medical port will have to go. Since this is his first one though, we should wait to make that decision.
Here is the link to the video played at the dinner last night, if you want to take a peak:
Just paste it into your URL field.
Since the weather is so nice this afternoon, I will take Sarah out in the sun a bit!
Take care everybody, Maria.

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