Monday, June 15, 2009


Jacob started coughing yesterday. This morning, he had some retching and gagging with his feed, but nothing worse than me scheduling an appointment with his doctor for a check up today.
At 11 am, Jacob had a scheduled appointment with neurology. The appointment never happened. She sent us down to the ER due to his labored breathing and his color being slighly bluish.
We went straight to the trauma unit, and over the coming 2 hours Jacob simply crashed. He went from bad, to worse, to really bad. His body color turned blue, he had problems holding his blood pressure, went in and out of seizures, and in the end it was decided that he needed to be intubated. He now has a tube breathing for him. The doctors keep telling me that I was lucky we were in the hospital already when he crashed.
Jacob's primary care physician was with us all this time, and helped us to make decisions and also make a call for Sarah to go to Jacquelynn's house. JAC - THANK YOU! You're our hero. I don't know what we would do without you. And I truly, truly mean it.
He is now in the ICU. He has pneumonia, and his blood gas is off. The breathing tube is breathing for Jacob. He is sedated for pain. He is still seizing, and turning blue. He doesn't respond to us. I honestly don't know what will happen next.
This was going to be my vacation week with the kids. If anyone has time to take Sarah for a day or a night, please call Joakim at 303-919-8452. I hate to even ask this "publicly", but there is really no time to arrange for things when you sit next to your child's bed hoping for him to wake up.
Pray, send Jacob positive thoughts or what else works in your life. Jacob truly needs his guardian angel to watch over him right now.
Love, Maria.

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