Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We found out today that Jacob has pseudomonas pneumonia. It is a bacteria living in our skin, and if you have a low immune system it can turn into pseudomonas pneumonia. The two antibiotics he was on would not have taken care of this infection, so it was good that it was detected. He is now on 3 different antibiotics, all through IV. They will watch him carefully for fevers, since it could mean the bacteria have spread to the blood. That would not be good.
Jacob has otherwise had a pretty quiet day. He has been awake a little bit more, has moved his hands and legs around a bit, and at one point made an attempt for a smile. His doctor just told us that she is hoping that we all get a "boring" night. We absolutely agree.
We can't say that Jacob is over the hump yet, but a day where he is not getting worse is a good sign in the world of ICU.
Have a good evening, Maria.

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