Monday, July 20, 2009


Today we had that perfect summer day. Sarah had a friend over for a sleepover last night, and Kennedy and her have been playing all day today.
Jacob enjoyed the pool with the girls a lot! This afternoon, he went to see his OT Jill, and we were all cheering for Jacob as he made small progress on his head control from last week! The girls helped him a lot to stay motivated. Sarah has always been Jacob's biggest motivator during therapy sessions.
Now, they are all dozing in front of the TV watching a movie...Jacob tired from hard therapy, the girls from too little sleep last night...
I also wanted to share 2 links with pictures taking of the kids yesterday in our house:
We loved working with Belinda on taking our pictures, and I can highly recommend her if you want pictures of you and your family and live in Denver. The neat thing is that you get a CD with lots and lots of pictures, and then can simply decide what pictures you want to develop and what size. We're hoping to do another session with her outside when we have beautiful fall colors...We're definitely done with the stressful studio experience after having met Belinda! This also turned out to be an anonymous gift for us - thank you very much for giving us this gift that will last a life time.
Happy Monday! - Maria.
P.S. We'll post more pictures on our photo web site when we have them all!

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