Thursday, September 10, 2009


On Labor Day, we were sitting outside in the backyard with Jacquelynn and her girls, having a BBQ together, and feeling a little bit like a normal family for a day. I do remember saying to Jac that I had no idea how the week would end, and if Jacob would end up in the hospital again or not. You simply don't know these days.
We actually made it until today. Jacob did get over his virus over Labor Day weekend, BUT did come down with a new one starting yesterday. He spiked a fever yesterday afternoon, and the suctioning was just non-stop.
This past night was miserable. Jacob woke up at midnight, and just felt shitty. He coughed and was running a fever of 102 despite us alternating Motrin and Tylenol, so this morning Jacob's school start, the coffee date with my friend Sara and the seizure meeting down at Children's all got cancelled.
Tonight, Jacob is not feeling great. He is coughing, has a runny nose, and is still running a fever. It does look like he's coming down with a bacterial infection this time due to an elevated white blood count cell as well as elevated lactate acid. They are starting him on Vancomycin (IV antibiotics) once more. He has also been tested for H1N1 flu twice in the last week, but so far no positive result to our relief. Right now, it would actually surprise me, since he hasn't been around people in the last 2 weeks except us and his nurses.
One of the doctor on the floor asked me "what is the long-term plan for Jacob to keep him out of the hospital?". I guess it was really well meant, but the one who has the answer to that question I would really love to give a big prize to. It completely beats me.
Jacob is resting in what has become his second home tonight, hoping for him to feel a little bit better tomorrow.
Love, Maria.

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