Friday, October 30, 2009


Adam's camp came and visited with Jacob this afternoon in the hospital. It just shows the unconditional commitment from the therapists working with him this week. They all decided to come and visit him, and give us Jacob's evaluation from this past week. It was just so great to see them all again, and at the same time, it hurt a little bit to realize what we missed out on this week. We got great strategies to use for Jacob in areas of physical and occupational therapy as well as speech. Most exciting is that Jacob started using his feet to communicate! Way to go, Jacob!
We will also start seeing the music therapist Valerie outside Adam's camp. Jacob has always loved music, but to see how he explored music and how it could be incorporated in other strategies, e.g. as sitting and opening hands made me very committed to find time for this in our already very busy lives.
We're also back home tonight. All tests came back negative, so Jacob has some sort of virus that hit him pretty hard again. He's still sick, so we will have a quiet Halloween for him, but this makes it so much easier for Sarah to do her Halloween activities. I think she's also ready for mommy and daddy time after all play dates this week.
This week didn't go the way we wanted. I am still very happy that we got a taste of Adam's camp. We're (yes, Jacob you heard me right!) also committed to go back again. We're thinking the session in the spring would be good, if it doesn't collide with Sarah's spring break. They also have therapy camps up in the mountains that we could combine with vacation for the rest of us as Jacob works hard!
This is one of the true blessings being Jacob's mom. All the exciting things we get to do and learn about, and the extraordinary caring people we get to meet through Jacob. It's just one of a kind.

Big THANKS to Lisa, Ann, Bret, Leslie & Valerie from all of our hearts.
Love, Maria.
P.S. More pictures posted from camp.

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