Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Today, we had to take a detour to Children's hospital rather than camp. Jacob had a fever of 103.6 this morning, and had a new cough.
The snow was coming down fast, but traffic wasn't that bad coming down the highway. It looked like many people decided to stay home today and enjoy the snow day inside.
I wasn't happy to hear that Dr. E. had left for London yesterday, and that we would be seen by another doctor. I quickly felt guilty for disapproving of her vacation, thinking about all the times she is actually here for us.
Jacob was brought back right away due to oxygen level in the high 70s. We had a chest x-ray done, and a nasal swab. We were pretty much told right away that due to Jacob changing so fast in his condition and due to the heavy snow storm in Denver, they rather wanted to keep him in the hospital until Jacob and the weather have improved. They prepared me that it might take some time to get us a bed on the busy 8th floor.
Jacob and I were hanging out in the special care clinic. After a bit, his skin color started to be patchy and slightly bluish. It truly didn't seem like a good solution sitting waiting for a hospital room. I asked the doctor to come back, and hell broke loose! Jacob's blood pressure dropped, and the doctor was worried he would go into shock. Literally within seconds, the room was filled with over 10 people. Thank god we know the ICU doctor so well by now, she took over right away. I also overheard: "does he need surgery"? I guess the doctor must have put out an alarm hospital wide for our little guy.
Jacob and I are hanging out in the PICU now. It's the best place for him to be at the moment. I am truly hoping we won't see any more dropping blood pressures or intubation for that matter. You just never know when you're in the PICU.
The snow is coming down fast in Aurora. We're both in a safe place and a place where Jacob can recover. We're waiting to find out what he might possibly have come down with. The initial H1N1 test was negative.
We're sorry to miss camp. I saw so much progress in only 2 days, so can't imagine what we could have done in 5 days. I am still hoping I can sneak down for Jacob's evaluation on Friday to get all their ideas and input to bring to his great therapists and to us.
Stay warm!!! - Maria.

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