Monday, October 26, 2009


This morning, mommy and I left early to go to Adam's camp down in the Denver Tech Center. We had forgotten about the commute on I-25 during rush hour, but we made it there on time. Mommy even had time for some breakfast and fresh coffee before I was put to work.
My group's name is Pumpkins. My teammates are Reece, Gracie, and Lucy. My therapists' names are Bret, Ann, Valerie and Leslie. We all started out with music circle time together, and I had a blast. Mommy had put on pants where I slide forward worse than ever. As we started music, I could hardly sit up, since I was SO excited! It was so much fun!
I then moved on to occupational therapy. We worked on opening my hands, and my mom got some new tricks to use. I also got to play with "clean mud" - something most grown ups would love. It's simply paper, water and soap. I loved it!
It was then time for music therapy. Valerie had these little bells that clipped on to my clothes, and I could really jam it with my feet! She also let me play the piano with my feet. It was really cool! I also got to play the guitar with Valerie and sing several of my favorite songs.
We then had snack time. I got my water, and actually needed to lay down on my boppy to relax a bit. Gracie kept coming over to give me wet kisses, so I really needed a break in between laughing so hard. I also got to taste beef jerky in my mouth, not so sure if I like it or not...
After snack time, it was time for Bret and me to have fun. I like him a lot! We took turns playing with a puppet shark, and the way I got my turn was to press my foot on the Big Mac saying "More please". I didn't always do it intentionally, but definitely several times to Bret's and mom's content. I actually really liked the Big Mac today.
I started to feel pooped out after laughing so hard with Bret, and then they wanted me to start putting on my AFOs, sitting in different chairs and starting rolling! That was hard!!! I didn't give up, but I was definitely ready to go back to music circle time when Valerie asked us all to come back to the room.
My mom thought I was going to take a really long nap, but I was too excited. I was talking loud in my bed during nap time, and fell asleep 10 minutes before it was time to pick up Sarah from no long nap today. Mommy took a cat nap - well deserved - after all the transfers and support she gave me today. She felt she had been lifting weights for 3 hours while I was playing!
Now, it's time to hit the sack before another exciting day at the camp tomorrow. Linda, my new nurse, will come with us tomorrow as well.
Mom is on the phone every day with my neurologist and Dr. E about my daily seizures. They are short, and manageable at home, but way too many and at least two new kinds in addition to several petit mal seizures each day. My right side of my body is starting to take a turn for the worse due to the frequent seizures. They're considering stopping Tamiflu, since it can increase seizures, but it has also protected me from getting a single respiratory virus since I started taking it in September - so not an easy decision. I guess I have to go in and see them some time this week as well.
Check out the new pictures from today! It's a shame my little movies from today can't be posted here.
Big hug from Adam's camp,

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