Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's me. I am stealing the pen from my mom again. I have been home for a week now, and feel really well! My cough is finally under control. I am getting stronger in my back again, and have started to scoot myself forward in my kid cart to the point that mommy hardly can keep me in there! I laugh so hard when she gets annoyed at me scooting - because I know she is so happy to see me regain my strength. I have also started kicking my legs as my mom goes: kick, kick, kick, kick...We have a fun game going!
I have had some good things happening to me in the last week. I visited with my horse Durango and my former therapist and friend Jill at the Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center. I loved to pat Durango and simply be with him. He's the most patient and beautiful horse out there. Sarah was not happy that she couldn't come along. She was in school. I so hope I will regain my neck and back strength to be back in the saddle in the spring. I know it's a big goal, but it's a very motivating one for me. Take a peak at the pictures of me, Jill and Durango.
I have a new nurse!!! Her name is Linda, and she has been in the home nursing industry for a long time. She even worked together with Shannon on a case years ago. I haven't met her yet, but my mom met with her yesterday as they both went to orientation at the new nursing company. My mom got an immediate liking of Linda, and she has a good feeling this will work out. I do trust my mom in this area. I am so excited to meet her next week.
Next week is a BIG week for me. I am going to Adam's camp (www.adamscamp.org) down in Denver! It's an intense therapy camp. I will be in therapy every day between 9 am and noon. I will be in a group of four kids, and we'll start each morning with music together. I will then work with individual therapists on music, speech, gross and fine motor skills. I am so excited! My mom gets to come along each day, meet with the other parents and hopefully have a good time with me and the rest of the group.
Tomorrow, we're getting a stair lift installed in our home. This will help my parents and nurses to more easily get me up the stairs. Everybody is excited! Sarah asked: "mommy, can all my friends take the lift up to my room?". We're going to have some competition here...
Good night everyone, Jacob.

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