Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Each day brings something new in the ICU. Sometimes you just wish for a little break.
Jacob showed pretty clear signs of drug withdrawal today, and obvious seizures were back again. He was pretty agitated, and had a hard time focusing. He didn't track with his eyes, and didn't recognize us again. He was sort of in his own little world for most of the day.
As the day progressed, it didn't get better. We had 15 minutes seizures, and no real plan. The ICU team wanted to put him back on the EEG, but the neuro team said no! They only want to clinically monitor him for seizures (and has an EEG scheduled for Saturday). I was told that the coma was our last straw, and that some seizures were to be expected as "they had told us many times". I really got pissed!
Sure, they had told us that we had to balance his seizures with drug intake, but I didn't expect them to make this statement after 1 day of trying oral seizure meds! I am still upset as I write this, and feel that this is absolutely not acceptable. This is no way for Jacob to live, and a little bit too quick to give up on him. They are giving him some stronger meds over night to stop the seizing. I am trying to tell myself that it's a new day tomorrow, and that I get to make my case with neuro tomorrow morning. I was just kind of surprised to be dismissed like this...
Coming home this weekend is not going to happen as it looks right now...
Looking forward to a new day tomorrow,

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