Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It's a beautiful morning in Denver, Colorado. The sun is shining over the snow covered mountains, and it looks like we'll have temperatures in the 60s today and the rest of the week. I am thinking I am going to walk over to the salad place at University hospital today and pick up lunch. I just haven't been outside since yesterday morning, hardly left room 803.
I have been wrapped up in my worry for Jacob since last night. Yesterday, he was sleeping more or less the whole day. Everybody told me that it was completely normal after he had been in status epilepticus on Sunday. The problem was that I didn't get a good sense of how Jacob was doing with all the sleeping. In the evening, he finally was awake for a longer period of time, but it wasn't our Jacob. It was like something was truly off. He just had blank stares, and it was like he didn't recognize me. No smiles at all, not even when I tickled him in the spots he simply can't resist. The doctor is telling me that it was probably a seizure again. A long one again.
I woke up early this morning with a knot in my stomach knowing how Jacob had been acting last night. When I went up to his bed, I didn't see a change in his behavior. Just a blank stare. After some suctioning and cleaning up his face, I did get a smile! You know one of those big fat smiles Jacob is so good at delivering! It made the world of difference. I don't know what I would do without them.
Doctors just rounded. No word of going home, rather more tests looking for clues for what is truly going on. RSV is apparently back in the hospital, and the thought is that he might have that. They also want his neurologist to come and see him today. The deep suctioning is pretty intense. We have had a few times where Jacob oxygen level drops due to him needing suctioning, and they are so thick!
Jacob did get vaccinated for H1N1 yesterday! At least one less worry I can check off (knowing that it takes 14 days for the vaccine to start working though).
We'll see what today brings, and hoping that this nasty respiratory virus will soon come to an end.
Thanks for all caring words in the guest book, in my inbox, phone calls, meals, help with Sarah - everything! One day, I am hoping I can give back some of the generosity we're surrounded by every day.
Thank you all, Maria.

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