Friday, December 11, 2009


Jacob is stable this morning. They are slowly taking down his blood pressure medication as well as his vent setting, so he breathes more on his own. Jacob woke up throughout the day yesterday. It's not great, since they want him to stay sedated when he has the breathing tube in. For me, it was just so nice to see him looking at me, squeezing my hand, and actually attempting a smile.
I sleep horribly here, but don't think I would sleep much better at home. There are just too many thoughts going around in my head. Tonight, I will go home and sleep with Sarah. She misses her mom. It might also be good to leave the hospital for a bit.
After I got my coffee this morning I started to read the entries in the guest book and my e-mail. I just couldn't stop crying. THANKS to all of you thinking of Jacob and us - supporting us, helping us, but most of all not giving up on Jacob. Hope is a powerful source.
Much love, Maria.

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