Thursday, December 31, 2009


It’s getting close to the end of 2009. Jacob and I have been reading books in his bed, and running through every Swedish and English children songs I know. Joakim and Sarah are at the Denver zoo with friends watching zoo lights. Earlier tonight, we all had dinner with our friends.
I am finding peace in being with Jacob in the same bed tonight. Nothing more is needed. We’re going into the new year together. Possibly watching the ball go down over Times Square together. Jacob is still chatting away in his bed, obviously improving from his cold (yes, he has the rhino virus).

I realize that in my whole life, this is the first year that I am not really celebrating New Year’s Eve. I am looking back at my life, and realizing that even as a little kid we always celebrated with relatives, as I got older I was always surrounded by friends and parties on this evening, and as we created our family we always celebrated with friends. My grand mother always told me that the best gifts in life are health and friends. It has followed me since I was a little girl.

Looking back at 2009, health wasn’t in our sign this year, but friends and family definitely have been here for us. Our unique family situation has given us so much love and support from so many, many people. Some people we have known since we were kids, some people new to us this past year. This circle of friends gives us the energy to start each new day. The knowing that we’re not alone in it, and that we have this incredible network of family and friends who care, commit, support, help, love, and go out of their way for us. It gives me a huge gratitude to life itself. There is a meaning to life.

Going into 2010, my wish is going to be my deceased grand mother’s wish once more – health and friends. We know health is against our little fighter Jacob, but we will still hope for more healthy days for him and with him. And we know we will need our true friends and family in our lives in the coming year to face our upcoming battles as well as cherish the good moments in life.

Happy New Year!

Jacob, Sarah, Joakim & Maria.

P.S. I think have forgotten to say that my dad arrives in exactly 18 days! I am so happy!

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