Monday, February 1, 2010


Jacob turned 4 yesterday, and he did have a really good day! What is a good day for Jacob is to have a good night sleep, manageable secretions, close to no seizures, and surrounded by family. He had all of that yesterday, and we were so happy for him - and for us.
The day started out with a brunch at home, and Sarah helped Jacob opening up his gifts. He got a larger sized bumbo seat that we can move around easily, and where he can play on the floor level. It will be a great hit for therapy and play! He also got books, music, and clothes. Sarah was active helping out decorating Jacob's strawberry cake and sugar cookies as he took a nap during the day. We then had a big coffee treat with three different types of cakes! We just didn't expect to have several neighbors contributing to the day as well. Thank you all so much!
Sarah's art therapist came by in the afternoon. She made a family project where we all had to put our hands in plaster, and it will be sort of a painting with all our hand prints. It got sort of messed up, so I am hoping we at least get one with Sarah's and Jacob's hand prints. She also had some games with her that we all enjoyed.
Jacob was tired, but content, when he fell asleep at night. His day was also special, since he got to celebrate it with grand pa this year. Grand pa is going back to Sweden tonight, and we did have a great two weeks together. We will miss him.
I also wanted to thank everybody who came by with gifts and cakes yesterday! We just didn't expect that at all with us simply celebrating at home. It is all very much appreciated, and it made Jacob's birthday extra special. I also realized that Jacob took over my e-mail yesterday. No e-mails for mommy - all to Jacob with birthday wishes. He sure is a loved boy.
Today is a new day, and start of a new year for Jacob. It was a big milestone for him, since we many times didn't know if he would make it to his 4th birthday. I am now looking for a new milestone to put in front of us, one step at a time.
Happy Monday! - Maria.
P.S. I have updated pictures this time as well!

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