Sunday, March 28, 2010


It's me. I haven't been writing in a long time, but thought it was about time to take over the pen from mom. I have had a good week! I am off antibiotics once more, and feel good! Dr. E is celebrating passover, so has told me to stay out of trouble!
The biggest thing is that my secretions are better! Finally!!! Mom and dad still need to help me clear my throat, but we're down to 4-5 times a day of deep suctioning from 10-12 times a day. The BiPap is no pleasure, but it gives me such good sleep as I get to take full breaths.
I hung out with mom or nurse Gemma most of the week. I really like my new nurse. She talks and sings to me all day long. I love it! I was so happy that I could stay out of trouble this week, so Sarah got to enjoy her spring break with mom & dad. She was so goofy all week long as she called me on skype every day. She was so happy to be spoiled rotten by mom & dad, and get their full attention. I was SO happy for her! I posted a few pics of her, if you want to see how her spring break turned out.
Today was a big milestone for me. We all took a family walk out in the sun after me staying inside for 5 (!) months. I was so happy as you can see in the picture! I do go and see my doctors, but apart from that mommy has religiously kept me inside away from germs. She's telling me that it's time to start short walks as long as my suctioning is under control, but no big parties, school or anything else for at least another month or two! I am fine as long as I get to ride in style in my new chair, and sit on the front porch swing with my sister.
I am bummed that Mrs. Shannon might not come back as my nurse. She declined the offer from my nursing agency, so we're now not sure if she will come back or not. I am still having a little bit of hope, and do know that she will otherwise still come and visit me from time to time. She's sort of part of the family these days.
Ok, this is way past my bed time, so time to say good night to you all!
Thanks for helping me fight the good fight each and every day!
Love, Jacob.

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