Saturday, March 13, 2010


I ran into one of the doctors in Jacob's clinic on Tuesday. She was sad when she had heard that Jacob needed to be hospitalized once again. I told her that I agreed, but that I was sure we would be home by the weekend. I was wrong.
This ear infection and respiratory infection are just not easy to get rid of. Jacob is on day 5 of high fevers, so the question is if we're treating the right thing with the antibiotics or if it's a viral infection? We'll see what the docs say tomorrow, since they were already concerned today about the fact that the fevers return each day.
Jacob is also getting used to the BiPap. He now has his own that he also get to bring home with him. It's a really old-fashioned machine we're using until he gets his own new one hopefully some time this coming week. Today, Jacob was off the BiPap for 6 hours, so at least that is going in the right direction. The first 2 days in the hospital, he simply couldn't breathe well without it. It made me very scared, since it's really no life to have the BiPap on all day long...You can't really do much with that mask on your face, and hooked up to the Bipap machine.
We will take our time to get Jacob home this time, making sure we don't go home too early. Being in the hospital is no party, but taking a hospital-sick child home is even worse...everyone is on pins and needles.
Tonight, I am home with Sarah. She is already in deep sleep after a sleepover party last night with way too little sleep. Tomorrow, she gets to hang out with Jacob in the hospital, so we'll have a quiet Sunday together all of us. That's something we all are looking forward to, since I honestly don't see much of Joakim either when Jacob is in the hospital, we simply see each other as we trade kids.
This hospital stay reminded me that the winter is still here despite a day here or there with spring in the air (like today!), and that there is so little needed for Jacob to get really sick once again.
To a fever free Sunday!
Take care everybody, Maria.

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