Sunday, March 7, 2010


We just had a wonderful time last night at the Bal Swan ball. It was very touching to stand in front of 460 people, and tell Jacob's Bal Swan & life story. We live this life every day, and sometimes you don't realize how inspirational and touching it actually is to others who don't live in Jacob's world. As I was standing up on the podium, it was hard to see people's faces, but you could here the sniffles as they were listening to Jacob's story. After my speech, everybody in the room was standing up and applauding us, I was thinking to myself that there is a meaning with everything in life, everything.
It's also an amazing feeling to see people simply raise their paddles to GIVE thousands and thousands of dollars to the school after they have listened to an inspiring speech. It just blew me away. There is so much love for this school, and it's almost hard to put your finger on it what it is that makes this such a different experience than any other typical preschool. It's just is.
There were two little movies featuring Jacob as well. The first one featured Jacob in school, and it turned out great. It truly shows the value of school for every little kid.
After the speech, a slide show was shown with pictures of Jacob and us to Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World", and it turned out just right. It starts with the sun rise at Bal Swan, and ends with sun set at the school. Everytime the lyrics "and I think to myself, what a wonderful world", a photo of Jacob was shown thinking these words to himself. It was very touching, and reminded me again to see the world through Jacob's eyes. It always makes life easy and to the point.
We also had FUN! We enjoyed the company of our friends who came to share the evening with us, parents and teachers at Bal Swan who are now our friends, and all of Joakim's colleagues who sponsored the ball. We danced, we gambled, we laughed, we had good food and drinks, and we bid on items we didn't really need! It was definitely a memorable evening, and one we won't ever forget.
In an hour, Sarah and I will be back at Interlocken hotel - this time for a ball for Sarah. It's a Cinderella ball, and it will be her turn to dance and try the Cinderella slipper! I probably could spend the day on the couch with a good book or a movie, but that will have to be another Sunday...
Thanks to everyone who was there last night to share the evening with us! It was a wonderful one!
Maria & family.

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