Tuesday, April 27, 2010


It's getting close to 1 pm, and it feels like we already have had a full day behind us. At 7:30 am, Jacob had 4 oculogyrical crises - bang, bang, bang, bang. Quick - in and out. He hasn't had them since September of last year, so they definitely came as a surprise. I grabbed my cell phone, and had his neurologist on the phone right away. We decided on a game plan to see if we could stop them at home, and otherwise bring him into the ER.
One dose of ativan didn't do much, the second dose of ativan didn't do much either. We went through that intense waiting as the med is getting into Jacob's system to see if it will work or not. On the phone with his neurologist an hour later again, deciding that the ER was the place to go. The plan was to use Versed to stop the spells and the petit mal seizures we saw in between the spells. The ICU and the on-call neurologist already notified as we were driving in. We do love Dr. C's proactiveness!
As we got to the waiting room of the ER, Jacob gave up a big smile and declared that he was out of his spells - 2 hours later. That's when a day feels really, really long, and it's only 9:45 am.
No more seizures or oculogyrical crises as of now. Jacob has gone through the normal drill of chest x-ray, blood culture, and urine sample to make sure he's not getting sick. He has more secretions than usual, so he might be getting some sort of respiratory virus. Now we're "under observation" to see if the neurological spells are coming back or not. We should know later this afternoon, if they will keep us or not...
No matter what happens, Jacob gave us a really nice break of 6 weeks out of the hospital. Maybe longer if we're lucky.
Love, Maria.

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