Sunday, April 25, 2010


Jacob has been home for 6 weeks, and it's very long for his standards. It's not just that we have been home for 1,5 months, we're also slowly venturing out to things we did before.
We're going on regular walks. We're bringing the suction machine, but it's just coming along for the sake of it. We go out as a family for shorter adventures. We're planning on going back to Bal Swan in a week for warm water therapy. We're planning a vacation in June. We're getting comfortable.
This afternoon, we decided to venture down to a little Mexican restaurant within walking distance of our home. Jacob was bundled up in his wheel chair with a fleece jacket and blanket, since it was a bit of a wind blowing this afternoon. Five minutes into the walk, Joakim is turning around to get the car. Just our gut feeling that it wasn't the right day to be walking back and forth in the wind with Jacob.
We did make it to the restaurant. Chips and salsa on the table. Margaritas for mom and dad. Lemonade for Sarah. The ceiling was decorated with colored light bulbs. Jacob was very fascinated by them. We were all kind of thrilled that Jacob had found his passion, but after a few moments the staring was a little bit intense. Jacob was dealing with a full blown petit mal seizure. Out of practice, the ativan was still at home...The car came in handy for Joakim to race home to get the med.
Sarah and I eating our dinners waiting for Joakim to join us. Jacob still seizing as the bites got spicier and spicier. The margarita not really tasting anything as you're giving your son ativan. Families around us having no idea what is going on at our table. Or so I thought. As Jacob came out of his long seizure, I was holding him, and feeling a sense of relief as Jacob was smiling back to me again. At the same time, a woman is coming up to our table. She told me that she had been watching us from her table, and so recognized her "old" life and so missed it, and that we two were so blessed to have each other. She was on the other side. I could see it in her eyes.
So, what does it matter that our first dinner out again didn't really turn into what I expected it to be? Jacob did came out of his seizures tonight, and is now sleeping in his bed. Anything else doesn't really matter, but I do have to say that I hate seizures. It's a strong word, but very appropriate.
A good week to everyone! - Maria.

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