Monday, May 3, 2010


I met a major milestone today. I got back in the pool at my school again! I haven't been doing that for 6,5 months! You can imagine my joy when I could feel the warm water relaxing my stiff muscles, and I again got a chance to move my whole body. I had outgrown my floating vest from the fall. Oh man, that thing made it hard to breathe!
It was also GREAT to see everybody at my school again. I always get such a warm welcome as I walk through the doors. It's really hard to truly explain it, if you haven't been at the school. Everybody has always time for me, no matter what. It doesn't matter how I am feeling and doing, they always see the positive in me. It doesn't just make me feel good. It also makes my mom feel really good, and proud of myself.
I sure needed a nap after the pool, but one of my med changes is really screwing with me right now. I just can't sleep. I have had it before (=withdrawal), and typically it takes a couple of days to adjust to the lower dose. It's really no fun. You're so tired, but it's just impossible to fall asleep.
I sure was up for speech today after my failed nap. I just felt that Melissa has run the show a little bit too much lately, so today I was all smiles and telling her the true story she was reading to me. She was very happy to see my progress.
After that I sure was tired, but no sleep came to me...
Mom told Sarah and me that we get to be part of an art exhibition for kids. Sarah got SO excited. She worked on two very special drawings tonight, but she also had time to help me out. She took out all our fingerpaints, and made several paintings together with me. She knows this is my new passion! I am not sure yet, which one I want to send off to the exhibition. Maybe I have Sarah decide for me.
In about a month, Sarah is out of school! I am so looking forward to have her home with me. My mom says she is growing up. She is all about her friends these days. She has discovered the phone, and loves chatting away at night. She has also started to read books for hours. On a good day, she mixes in a book or two for me as well. My big lovely sister.
I am finally off to dream land after a very, very long and busy day.
Love, Jacob.

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