Sunday, May 9, 2010


I got home in time for Mother's Day. Friday afternoon, we were finally home again. It always feels so good to sleep in your own bed again.
Saturday morning, Sarah, dad and mom went down to the Miles for Miracles run. This is the foundation who has done so much for me over the past year including getting me in the pool for therapy! Mom had prepared for me to come along as well, but with my pneumonia there was a no go! I was not happy about it, but I did have a good day at home with Gemma.
Sarah got to play, got a beautiful butterfly face painting, and enjoyed the clown that also got daddy up on stage for a little game that didn't go too well! Sarah and mommy are still teasing daddy...
Mommy's boss also came out for the race, and did great! Mommy was happy to see her there. My mom was also appointed the "honored mom", and had to go up on stage and do a little speech about being a mom of Sarah and me. She is really getting the hang of it, and I wish I could have been there with her, and for her.
Today, we all just hung out together. We had breakfast in bed. The rest of my family is so messy when they eat in bed. They should all just get tube feedings like me. So convenient! We then went down to the new ice cream place, and Sarah shared her frozen custard with me. I only got it on my lips, but I do love the flavor! We then walked home again, and I now know what I love the most about spring. It's the smells from all the trees in bloom. It's so pretty in Colorado right now.
We were going to have brunch in Boulder today, but mom decided against it. I was a bit bummed, but I know she is worried about my pneumonia getting worse if I overdo it right now. Instead, Sarah and dad prepared a pic-nic in the backyard for all of us. It was great, and mom seemed very satisfied and happy! We then just relaxed around the house, and I had a really great day. What I liked the most is that my mom took it easy today. She has always hundreds of things going on, and she never sits down, but today I could see that she really took it slower. I liked that. I liked it a lot.
I want to salute all beautiful, strong, loving moms out there! You are all amazing in your own unique ways. My mom also reminded me to send a special blessing to the moms who have lost a child, and where this day might not be as cheerful as ours was today. We are thinking of you, deeply.
Lots of love, Jacob.
P.S. I will miss being in the pool with Mrs. Jill tomorrow morning. I am on IV antibiotics for a few more days, and with my medi-port being accessed I can't be in the water. What a bummer!

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