Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Jacob is resting on the 8th floor of Children's Hospital tonight. He's a bit sicker than we were hoping earlier today. We probably caught something early this time. He now has a fever of 103, has a pretty strong cough and lots of secretions.
The seizures were stopped with 2 extra doses of Ativan in the ER today. No IV meds, only oral, so that was good. His phenobarb level decreased drastically since last Thursday when we made the med change, so now we're going up on the medication again. Hopefully that can take care of the seizures at least. I am so thinking that one day I need to write my book on neurology from a parent perspective. It's sure is an interesting journey when you work with your neurologist several times a week, and see how it actually works :-
The x-ray didn't show a pneumonia, but apparently it could still be the little "devil" we're fighting this time. We might have caught it early. The pneumonia might not fully show on an x-ray just yet. They have started IV antibiotics to treat pneumonia, so he doesn't get sicker. Lots of other tests pending as standard procedure for Jacob.
I got to go home in the afternoon to pick up Sarah from scrapbooking class, and hang out with her this afternoon and evening. It was a nice break, and we actually went out for dinner together, which was very nice. We very seldom do that these days, since it's just not worth it with Jacob's all equipment. After a couple of hours of work for me tomorrow morning, we'll swap shifts again at TCH. Back to the old routine again - with the change that Sarah will come with me and see her brother tomorrow afternoon.
As I went down in the basement tonight to pick up my hospital bag and the egg crate mattress that makes the pull out couch in the hospital room bearable to sleep on, I did feel that it was just the other day (Thursday) that I had put them down in the basement.
As Jacob gets admitted, I always start the guessing game on when he will get discharged again. We're hoping by the weekend if the antibiotics kick in...maybe by Mother's Day.
If you want to cheer Jacob up, please send him a card that will come straight to his room at Children's Hospital: http://www.thechildrenshospital.org/visit/gifts/CheerCards.aspx

They will decorate his white walls!
Love, Maria.

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