Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I had such a great day yesterday, and now I am hanging out in the ER again. It sucks! It really does.
I started feeling sick overnight, and have a pretty terrible cough. Mom decided to bring me in this morning to see Dr. E. She was telling mom and dad that I need to be admitted. I have had more seizures - maybe due to me being sick or due to my recent med change. Who knows? I also have more secretions, a cough, and a low grade fever. The thinking is that I have a pneumonia again. I want to make it clear that I have been free of pneumonias for 3 months!
So, we're hanging out in the ER for observation. They will decide, if they want me in the ICU or on the 8th floor. Mom has declared that she wants me on the 8th floor. We'll see what they decide.
It's disappointing after such a great day yesterday, but at least I did get to enjoy my Monday very much. My mom is also telling me that my friend Samantha and I have to stop this pattern to keep Dr. E. busy. Every time she discharges one of us the other one is getting admitted the following day. This has now gone on for 4 admissions now (two each). Mom doesn't have to tell me this, I would just love to have a day hanging out with Samantha at home, and we will do that one day - just not today.
Love, Jacob

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