Thursday, May 20, 2010


I went back to school today for our pic-nic and last day with my buddies. Mommy decided to drag me out from my beauty sleep, and I must say that I first didn't think it was the greatest idea. After we found a spot in the shade, and all my little buddies circled around me, I changed my mind. It was really great to see everybody again, and the weather was perfect for a pic-nic! It was also great to see Mrs. Brittany and Mrs. Sara again, my lovely teachers. They all gave us a butterfly plaque for the year with a special quality about each of us. My words are: warmest presence. I like that quality about myself.
I took a long break from school, and I know there were times when my mom never thought I would get back there again. I do love when I can prove her wrong!
This nap thing has been a little bit of a struggle for me lately. Dr. E. finally let me nap without my bi-pap. I only sleep with oxygen now, and oh boy, it makes a huge difference. I actually get the rest I need. At night, I do have to live with the face mask (bi-pap) on, and it does feel like going down the highway with my head out the window! You should ask my mom to try it, if you come to my house. You can pretty quickly get the feel for what I am talking about.
I think I can also say that I am officially over my pneumonia and cold. Suctioning is back to a minimum (yeah!!!), and my mom and dad are weaning me off the oxygen during the day. Things are looking up. Sarah has only 5 more days of school! I get her back for 2.5 months!
Tomorrow night, I get to be an artist for the night. My art work will be at the annual Parascript Children's art exhibition in Boulder. If you want to come by, e-mail my mom off-line, and she can send you the address. My sister will represent both her art and mine, since I am going to hang out with daddy at home. My mom still thinking it might be too much for my health. You know my use to argue.
We took many great pictures today, and they will be posted as soon as our cord to the camera finds it's place again. We still have boxes unpacked from getting our floors done.
Love, Jacob.

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