Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I haven't been good about updating Jacob's blog lately. There are two reasons for the silence. The first one is that we have been really, really busy! It's that good busy. We all go to the pool together again. Jacob is hanging out on his floatie, and is nothing but content. We all made it to a birthday party this weekend. A little success in our family. We are having lazy dinners, and hanging out together outside. There has even been an occasional cooler evening allowing to take Jacob for a stroll, and Sarah on a bike ride. We are also so lucky with our nurse Gemma. She is a perfect fit for Jacob and the rest of us. I guess we didn't think that was possible after Shannon got injured.
Sarah is also having a blast! I am not sure what else to call it. She has her circle of friends, and gets to do fun things with them every week. Play dates and sleepovers are at the top of her list! She loves the camps she has been to this summer. Her nanny is working out great for her as I go to work.
Yesterday, we spent the day at Water World with friends. The only word coming out of Sarah's mouth was "awesome" over and over again. I guess that pretty much sums up her summer so far.
Joakim is working a bit too much, but it's ok if you do like your work. He has gotten one round of golf in this year! He attended a fundraiser for Jacob's school last week, and it was a great day for the guys. He's hoping for more of that this summer. He has also started to take Sarah to the driving range. She likes her alone time with daddy!
I am enjoying the summer I was hoping to have last year. Unfortunately last year's summer was dominated by a long hospital stay and long recovery for our little boy. This year, it just feels like such a luxury to have this time with the kids. To simply be looking at Jacob and knowing he has a good day. I don't know what else to say.
I am also getting involved in all kinds of projects. I just can't help myself :- More to follow on the Mito Walk in September that we would like you all to come to to raise money for a cure for Mitochondrial Disorder. I also feel that I have had a chance to catch up with friends lately, which is great!
4th of July is around the corner. Last year, we were back and forth to the ER 3 times before the weekend was over. I remember seeing the fireworks from the car late at night coming back from the ER. We're hoping this year will be a better one!
Glad Sommar!
Kram Maria.

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