Friday, June 11, 2010


2 loaded cars with medications, rescue seizure meds, nebulizer, bi-pap, oxygen concentrator, pulse ox, suction machine, chest vest, 6 oxygen tanks, feeding pump, feeding supplies, formula, stroller, extra g-tube button (in case I loose mine), medi-port needles (in case of an ER visit) - and diapers, wipes, Sarah's toys, clothes and food - we're here! Through heavy rain and intense hail storms, we all made it up to our time share in Breckenridge in one piece! Despite two heavy loaded cars, we still didn't bring a PJ for mommy or any spices for tonight's pasta dinner! Oh well, that's ok. I have all my stuff in order - everybody is happy!
The car ride was a bit rough on me. It took an extra hour to get up here due to the hail storm. I really needed some extra suctioning and oxygen as I got up here. We're now comfortably settled in our condo. We have plenty of space this time, which is great with all my stuff! Sarah and I have our own room and we're sharing a bed together! We also have this little tiny kitchen in our room, and Sarah wanted to make her own dinner tonight in there. She is all set to make her own breakfast tomorrow morning.
It's going to snow over night, so we're expecting to wake up to snow! I have a hat and mittens with me, but no shoes : - Shoes are so overrated. I am sure I can get away with a snow storm in June in socks. What do you think?!
Despite the snow, I am hoping to hit the pool tomorrow for some swimming! Check out the pictures from me swimming at my school and in our pool earlier this week! I LOVE summer, and definitely ready for a family vacation!
Lots of love,

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