Friday, July 16, 2010


Jacob has had a better day today. No fever, less secretions, and things are looking up! They have started Jacob on antibiotics to be ahead of the blood culture. They do want us to stay until tomorrow afternoon, so we can get a 48 hours blood culture back before we go home. If things still look good tomorrow afternoon, we're on our way home again!
It's nice with these shorter stays, but I realized it's a bit more to coordinate with Sarah's summer schedule and all the things she has planned and still wants to do! I also had a cracked tooth I had to take care of today, so Joakim spent all day here holding down the fort.
Tonight, Jacob and I will hang out together. We might watch a movie before Jacob takes off to dream land, and just chill out.
I was thinking today that we're grateful for all our friends who are always ok with us rescheduling and rescheduling even last minute...I think I would give up on us :- That means so much to us.
Thanks for all the get well cards as well. They are working!
Hoping to send the next update from home!
Love, Maria.

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