Monday, July 5, 2010


I came home today after having had no oculogyrical crises for 24 hours! Yesterday, I slept most of the day as the rest of you were eating and eating! Sarah had 4 ice creams she told me in confidence. Daddy had forgotten to count...She had a blast with her friend at the bike parade, and in the pool. I am really happy she got to go. She then came to hang out with me. We cuddled, and watched Planet 51 together. She was also happy to see that she doesn't have to wear a gown in the ICU anymore! She won't admit it, but she loves snacking in the hospital too. Not sure how many rounds she had to the kitchen...The nurses also had their own 4th of July potluck, and invited Sarah to try out their cookies. Sarah counted to 8 different type of cookies!
Mommy and daddy did ok being back in the ICU with me. They know that my stays with oculogyrical crises are typically fairly short, and I am good about keeping my breathing clear on Versed (which most doctors worry about with this drug). I could see that they enjoyed meeting with the nurses and doctors again, even if they wouldn't admit it! My favorite nurses Whitney and Nicki from the 8th floor visited me yesterday as well!
I do know that mommy was a bit shaken and never gets used to kids dying in the ICU. Since she always runs to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she got to witness another little kiddo pass away. As soon as she sees the line of people outside a room in the middle of the night, she knows that the room will be completely empty and all cleaned up in the morning.
As we got home today, mommy and daddy decided that we needed to celebrate the long weekend a bit after all. We all went swimming, and it was a nice break for me. In the evening, we all hung out in the backyard before I was ready for bed. They had the hamburgers they wanted to eat yesterday. We're also happy that a close brave friend of our family finally got out of the hospital tonight. Her girl missed her mommy soo much!
Tomorrow, mommy and I will spend the day at Children's hospital again. This time we'll see Dr. E & Dr. C., so I am planning to be home in the afternoon again!
I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!
Love, Jacob.
P.S. Too bad the fireworks got rained out. The hospital brings kids up to the roof to watch the fireworks from there, but daddy was not up for it in the rain!

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