Saturday, August 21, 2010


This last week has been all about mommy. I have had to move down the priority list as mommy and Sarah have been busy baking and cooking for mommy's birthday party. Daddy and Sarah have been doing several shopping trips, and other preparations for the big party.
I could see that mommy was checking me more and more closely yesterday as we were getting closer to the party time. I think she was thinking the oculogyrical crises could come back and ruin her evening, but nothing! I felt really good, and was actually happy when Gemma finally arrived, and we could get the rest of the family out of the house to prepare the party, and I could get my alone time with Gemma.
We then walked up to the party together. Gemma and I found a good spot in the kids' room. My friends Cal and Cici came, and we were hanging out together. I also had lots of friends come and see me, which I always like.
Before I went home to get my beauty sleep, Gemma and I made our rounds around the pool. I loved watching the kids play, and Sarah surely had a blast last night! I had a full room of girls when Gemma changed my diaper in the bath room! That was the hangout place for the girls for the night...
Mommy was happy, so I was happy. We had lots of people, and lots of food! Mommy and daddy were busy entertaining, and both of them had a great evening... at least until one of our friends had the idea that he had to throw mom in the pool! He attempted several times, but in the end, she stayed dry :-
The evening slipped away really fast, but the memories will stay with us all.
Now on to Sarah's birthday in a month!
Lots of love, Jacob.

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