Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I had a blast! I truly had a blast at school today. I forgot how much fun it is to be around other kids, and play, play, play!!! I played with magnet sticks for a long time, and made a really large ship together with two of my classmates. I played with trains. I joined a pizza party. My absolute favorite was to have the other kids make towers out of blocks, and push them over with me! I am not sure how many times we did it, but I never got tired of it. I was almost not up to go out to the playground...but that was fun too! I made a volcano out in the sand box with some of the other boys.
I have a great help in my nurse Gemma. She is a natural going to preschool. She must have practiced :- She sort of knows what I need and when. She answers my friends when they have questions about me, and why I'm not talking and walking.
The grown ups were not happy about my wheel chair, since the kids can't reach up to me. Mommy is going to try to get me a better chair. In the meantime, I will sit with Gemma a lot.
I smiled and smiled. I just couldn't stop. I love being with friends, and playing with them. It doesn't happen anywhere else in my life than school. My mom hasn't seen me this happy, since I left school in October last year. She both cried and felt so happy inside.
I think we can say this was a really great day for me. This is one of those days that defines my life - not my illness and the endless hospital stays. Mom and dad celebrated tonight with some wine with dinner for my first great day at school, and let's not forget - Sarah starting soccer! I was already pooped out in bed by then after using lots of energy today. I can only say I had a blast today!
Love, Jacob.

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