Friday, August 6, 2010


As of yesterday, we're all home again. I am happy that we're down on mile high altitude agin. The mountain air and altitude didn't sit right with me this time. I felt it right away when I arrived with daddy. The seizures came on right away, but disappeared with some medicine. The next morning, I just didn't feel right again. I had diarrhea, and seizures right and left. I wasn't up for going to the pool or doing anything really. My heart rate was high, and I sure needed some extra oxygen to breathe. No one did anything but watching over me, and I knew vacation wasn't going as well as we had all hoped.
Daddy was going to work from Breck, so I was not surprised when he decided to take me back the same day, and let Sarah and mommy complete the vacation on their own. Daddy loaded up the car, and where you typically have your coffee mug, daddy had my pulse oximeter, so he could check my oxygen and heart rate level as he was driving. For each mile we got closer to Denver, I felt better and better. As we came home, I felt completely back to normal again! The suspicion is that I got altitude sickness - just a bit more intense than most people.
Mommy and Sarah started enjoying their vacation again as they knew I was doing well at home. They ventured down to Breckenridge, and had their girls' time together. I was hanging out with daddy at home, and can't really complain at all. I guess I am a "home buddy" after all...and I do have a super dad.
Today, I had a really good day. Sarah and mommy decided it was my turn to decide what we would do today. We started out by going to the pool in the neighborhood. It was great to be in the water again! We then read books together, both mommy and Sarah have giving me multiple massages today (not always pure pleasure!), and now I'm watching Arthur with Sarah.
Last night, our dear friend Mary Beth ( spent the night in our backyard taking pictures of us. She worked so hard to get a few smiles out of me, but I just wasn't up for it! I still like the results, take a peak at :
Have a great weekend!
Love, Jacob.

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