Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday a huge parcel arrived on our door steps. We thought it was a box of Jacob's supplies, but as we looked closer we could see that it came all the way from Norway.
It was my old doll house. The one of a kind hand-made doll house. The doll house with a story. The doll house that I spent hours and hours to play with. The doll house, which is 104 years old, if I have the correct year it was made. It was made by a Russian war prisoner, and given to my grand ma. She lived in Russia at that time, since Finland didn't exist as a country yet. She played with it as a little girl. The doll house then went to my mom, who lived in Finland at the time. And as I was a little girl in Sweden, I played with the doll house. First at my grandma's house, and later in my pink room. The doll house has transferred one more time to it's 4th country, and to the 4th generation of girls.
It's magic. The windows are of real glass. The walls are hand painted in one of the rooms, the other one has wall paper. There are real little curtains. There is a story about each little piece of furniture. Some I added over the years. Some were there when I inherited the house. I especially remember the brown plastic chest with only three legs. Sarah wanted daddy to fix it, and I firmly said that it had to stay with three legs - that's part of inheriting the doll house.
It's magic. There has not been a single question about watching TV or playing on the computer since the doll house arrived. Every little second, Sarah spends at home, she is playing with the doll house. She asked if she could put her alarm at 4:30 am tomorrow morning, so she has time to play with the doll house before going to school tomorrow morning...
It's magic, and it brings back lots of great memories from my childhood as well as from the two strong, lovely women who had the doll house before me, my own grand ma and mom.
We'll see how long the magic stays in the house, but I am sure hoping Sarah gets to pass on this doll house one day as well.
And turning 40 is not so bad when you have a doll house turning 104 in your house. You sort of feel young - at least in your mind and soul.
Thanks dad for sending on this gift to Sarah.
Love, Maria.

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