Monday, September 6, 2010


Fall is here. The Colorado air is changing. The days have turned into a typical Swedish summer day that we call "fall" here in Colorado. Mornings and evenings are brisk, and the days are warm, and sunny from a clear blue sky. It's the time of the year when Jacob can go outside any time of the day, and it's not too hot for him. It's the time of the year when the sun is not too strong for his little sensitive eyes. It's the perfect time to go for long walks with Jacob in his stroller, and hanging out in the yard.
Tonight, I am slowly taking down my guard. Tonight, I am thinking the seizure watch can end. We're sitting on our front lawn on Jacob's colorful therapy mat. Jacob fell asleep when I did his stretches, and is now comfortably sleeping outside enjoying the warm evening air. His body is still, no seizure in sight.
After the seizures came back on Saturday evening, I was pretty sure we would have another ER trip this weekend. How I love when I am wrong! Jacob has not had any more seizures since Saturday evening that we would treat, and we have been on close seizure watch not leaving Jacob alone for 48 hours - day or night.
We still had a good long weekend. We had good friends over for a BBQ yesterday, and Sarah got her sleepover with her friend. Today, Sarah went to the Boulder fair, and we hung out with Jacob at home. We even took a walk down to our closest Starbuck's for my first pumpkin spice latte of the season! Those little treasures...
I am not sure if it's safe to shut down the seizure guard just yet, but I will do it for tonight. We will see what this week will bring.
Happy Labor Day!
Love, Maria.

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