Thursday, September 9, 2010


I had to post this picture of Jacob's tiny feet. I simply love this picture taken by Mary Beth Graff ( of Jacob's feet. Despite the feet being 4 years old, they are still baby feet. They are soft. They smell of body lotion. They don't touch the ground. They love to be barefoot. They love to be touched, rubbed, and played with. I feel like I know this kid's feet inside and out. The toe nails that grow in the wrong direction, the smaller space between two of the toes, the chubby ankles. The feet that can get so stiff from not moving, needing massage and stretches several times a day. The non-perfect feet that are just perfect on my little boy.
One of my favorite thing to do when Jacob and I hang out in the hospital is to rub Jacob's feet. I have done it in the PICU and on the 8th floor. I have done it through pneumonias, colds, seizures, and all kinds of other infections. The feet are never sick. They are always perfect.
So as we're continuing to go through a rough patch of seizures, trying to figure out how we can get good seizure control back again for Jacob, the feet are still there. So soft, so sweet, so loveable, so innocent.
Love, Maria.

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