Sunday, October 10, 2010


So, we got a bug in the house. I am thinking some sort of cold. No surprise with the weather changes lately. We now know why Jacob seized for so long yesterday. He spiked a high fever over night, and many times his seizures are the first sign of him getting sick. His body telling us and him that something is not just right.
I realized we haven't had one of those nights where you're staying up watching over Jacob being sick in a long time. The heart rate racing around 160-170 before the fever finally gave in. We realized we didn't even have Tylenol at home, so Joakim went out to find some at 2 am in the morning, since we knew Motrin wouldn't be enough to get the fever down.
We stayed up with Jacob, and today Jacob decided to sleep off his virus. He took a 4,5 hours nap! Those things are unheard of in our house, but we knew Jacob needed to rest. I even sneaked in a 20 minutes nap this afternoon.
I am thinking we will be able to take care of this cold from home this time, if he doesn't spike another high fever tonight or his seizures get uncontrolled again.
Joakim and I are making it an early night, just in case, our little guy decided he needs us tonight as well.
Hoping for a week back to normal!
Love, Maria.

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