Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Fall is here. The leaves are starting to turn. The air is crisp in the morning and at night. The darkness makes it a little bit harder to get out of bed, and a little bit easier to get back into bed at night. It’s time to indulge in a pumpkin spice latte or two. It’s time to put on a long sleeve shirt, and my favorite jeans again. I am not a big decorator for Halloween, but my few little pumpkin decorations are lightning up our home. This is my favorite season of the year. It reminds me of Swedish summer with fall colors.

I can only say that the great summer has turned into a great fall for us. Sarah is doing well in school, and is a busy bee with all her activities. She is truly enjoying her soccer, and her team. At the same time, we’re all going to enjoy the break when the season is over, and we all have time to sit down for dinner together again. The sibling program at Children’s Hospital is really working out great. We’re having 3 groups running simultaneously. I am intentionally not in the class rooms, so Sarah has her own space. I am making sure the parents have what they need, and also bringing in dinners for the families. It is amazing that we continue to be able to provide free food each Monday evening. It guess it helps to have Children’s Hospital as our main sponsor :-
We had quite a breakthrough tonight too where Sarah openly could admit that she is angry and mad at Jacob at times. The latest being that she needs a flu shot (not flu mist) due to Jacob. Due to Jacob's weakened immune system, she can't get the live (flu mist) vaccine. She hates him for forcing her to get a shot! If she only knew how happy I am for her being able to tell us these things.

Jacob is thriving. He has not been sick for exactly 81 days. It might possibly be a record since 2008. It’s not just that Jacob is not sick, but he lives his life. He loves school. He is integrated in the class in a way that I actually never thought would be possible. I am attaching some new pictures. The kids love him, and treat him as one of them. Today, Jacob “had” to be on the scooter with the other kids. How to make that happen? Gemma used all her strength, and Jacob’s friend held the steering wheel, and there he was on the scooter! Jacob also got his own house built for him today including a bed to lay on! The pulse ox was a cool thing for the kids today, and they all wanted to try it out. I think the secret behind the success this year is Jacob’s wonderful nurse Gemma, his great teachers Mrs. Brittany and Mrs. Maria, his class mates (of course!), his green crocs and not to forget "cool t-shirts" (forever thankful for all the hand me downs from his buddy Erik).
We get to go out as a family again. We all went to good friends for a dinner party Saturday night. I can't even remember when that happened last! I had a blast!

I am doing fine, but never seem to stop myself for signing up for yet a project or activity. I am getting more and more involved at Children’s Hospital, and recently I have been there more without Jacob than with him! I feel very lucky to be able to have so much time with Jacob and Sarah, and at the same time being able to work some outside the house. I also feel lucky that I have time and money to volunteer on the basis I am able to. It is so much fun, and keeps my mind busy! I feel I get to "play" as an adult, and I do enjoy it.

Joakim is doing great as well. Busy at work, but way too little time for golfing. He is involved in Sarah’s soccer, and is also getting more 1:1 time with Jacob lately as Sarah and I venture down to Children’s one evening per week.

Fall is beautiful and good, and so is life itself.

Love, Maria.

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