Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I am feeling a bit better than Saturday, so thought I should let you all know. I had two seizure free nights to everyone's relief, but last night I had one seizure again. Bummer! This one was a bit shorter, and we didn't have to use the big gun rescue meds. I guess I am trying to say that even if it was a step backwards, it wasn't as bad as last week.
Mom had a long talk with Dr. C. on Saturday, and we changed gear. We're now aggressively using one of the meds we know I am responding well to, and have few side effects. It has worked pretty well so far, and we're continuing to go up this week. We want to stay away from Ativan for a bit, since it started to impact my breathing. No fun at all!
It was PJ day in school today! Both Gemma and I dressed up accordingly. We had a great time as you can see in my new pictures. I went down the slide with all the kids over and over again. Thank god that Gemma has so strong legs! She works for two.
Gemma and I also made a special award for Sarah last week. She won the "Best sister in the whole wide world" award. She got it for giving mommy and daddy a helping hand when they can't take care of me by themselves, cuddling with me, giving me kisses, reading books to me, and just loving me. Thank you for all you do for me, sissy.
I will see if we can get a picture of the award. It's very special. Sissy really likes it, and has been extra attentive to me lately. Yesterday, we made a Christmas poster together. If you look carefully at the picture, you can see how she helps me to hold on to my pencil and helps me to put stickers on the poster.
I am tonight hopeful that we'll stay home for Thanksgiving. We're going to enjoy some good food (I guess I will stick to my formula)and down time - and hopefully a seizure free holiday.
Lots of love,

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