Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Holidays do complicate things in our house. Sometimes that's the time that reminds us the most that we're not a "normal" family. That we never know how the day will end in our house, and that expectations are so much higher when you're supposed to have "fun" and enjoy a holiday. It's harder to have your son in the ED the day before Thanksgiving than any other Wednesday night of the year.
It feels a bit unreal that we actually thought we were going to have a quiet holiday at home. Sarah and I were running errands in the morning, and getting ready for the holiday. We even got to bake Swedish lussekatter (saffron buns) in the afternoon, and Sarah convinced me that it's ok to have your Christmas tree up before Thanksgiving :-
We were making pizza, and were going to have a movie night together all of us. Jacob's seizure started during his dinner feed. It's one of his seizures that we typically don't need to worry too much about, that he either snaps out of by himself or that we can give a little push of Ativan, and he will be fine. I think both Joakim and I started to get more and more worried as we were using up all our rescue meds that we can use within an 8 hours time frame...We didn't see any other way than call 911...
And now I give the pen over to Sarah. This is her words as the ambulance crew took care of Jacob:
The worst Thanksgiving
The day before Thanksgiving was a bad day. Right when we were eating dinner Jacob started seizing. My mother called the ambulance. My mom and dad were trying to see if they really should go in. My mom thought we should stay home, and my dad said we should go. All I said was: "hurry up and decide". Everybody (parents and ambulance crew) started laughing".
It's true. In the middle of deciding if Jacob should go to Children's or not, since he had stopped seizing, we all started laughing when Sarah got annoyed with our indecisiveness. In the end, dad got his will through, and they both went in together.
Jacob will stay in the ER observation room over night. We'll continue to go up on Keppra (seizure med) tonight to the higher level we had targeted. If Jacob needs any more meds over night, they can always give it to him IV as well.
I am hoping I can prove Sarah wrong that this won't be her worst Thanksgiving. We have a pre-roasted turkey from Whole Foods in the fridge, and I am hoping we can whip up a Thanksgiving meal either at home or for the hospital.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Love, Maria.

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