Friday, December 24, 2010


It is Christmas Eve, and the day is coming to an end. Joakim and I are resting on the couch with some Swedish glögg after a good Christmas Eve. Sarah and Jacob are both sleeping. Sarah is counting the minutes until Libby will knock on our door when she is done with her night shift, so she can get up and start Christmas Day!
We have simply had a great day today. We started the day with a big breakfast, and our stockings. We always open them on Christmas Eve, and leave the rest of the gifts for Christmas Day morning - combining Swedish and American traditions. The day flew by with friends coming in and out of the house with food and gifts. It never stops to amaze me. We are always surrounded by love, food, cookies and gifts.
The highlight of the day was that we got to celebrate Christmas Eve once again with our friends Helene and Chris and their kids. We had to skip it the last two years due to Jacob being sick. Since they don't live far from us, I decided to take Jacob in the stroller and walk him over. I try to get out with Jacob on the days when it's not too cold in the air. It was a good moment together. A time to reflect back on this year. We then enjoyed a traditional Swedish julbord together and good conversations. The kids had so much fun together, and found very little time to eat!
Jacob did fine, especially when he could cuddle up with me on my lap and finally fall asleep. Jacob has been seizure free since Sunday morning, which it's a good stretch for him. We know that the level of one of his seizure medication is high right now, and we can see it in Jacob. He is definitely lethargic right now - especially if he skips his nap. We just want to make sure that Jacob can stay seizure free before we start going down on medications. We have had a really rocky 2 months behind us, so we need to move slow now, not get ahead of ourselves. There are many things that can jinx Jacob's seizure control, so one step at a time.
And I am at peace. I already have gotten the best Christmas gift there is. I got one more Christmas with my whole family. Last year, tears followed along with Christmas, since we knew that it was the last Christmas with our little guy. Little did we know that Jacob had other plans. Little did we know that Jacob would have a great spring, summer, and fall.
It gives me peace that we can't predict the future, and for now I am just going to put this seizure free Christmas Eve in a special place in my heart to take out from time to time.
Merry Christmas!
Love, Maria.

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