Thursday, December 16, 2010


We couldn't avoid it this time. The intensive care unit (ICU) is the only place Jacob can be right now. After having had multiple long seizures yesterday, the ER seemed like the right place. Jacob started the day with another long seizure this morning. I could just see how the PICU came closer and closer...
Jacob is sleeping deep after not much sleep for several nights. If he does seize again, Jacob will be put on a continuous drip of valium (Versed). Since the medicine can impact his breathing, we have to be in the ICU.
I am trying to find clues to why the seizures are acting up. Is it that he has the same virus as Sarah? Is it that he hasn't slept for several nights? Is it that he is getting constipated? Or the big fear question - is the epilepsy getting even worse? A virus seems so good at this point compared to that.
We're hoping for a quiet day, hoping that they will let us go home soon, but he will definitely be here today and over night. If they have to start Versed, we're probably looking at a longer stay.
Dr. C is amazing, she is so on top of his care. Last night, she was even giving me advise on what to do for Sarah. Who does that? We just feel extremely supported in the middle of yet a crisis for our little guy.
If you want to cheer Jacob up, you can send him a get well card via:
Love, Maria.

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